Welcome to Turner Auto Care

My name is Scott Bartlett and I have been a partner at Turner Auto Care with Robert Turner for the past 3 years. He took over the family business from his brothers in 1985. I took over full ownership in January of 2014. While Robert has ridden off into the sunset to spend some long awaited time with his family in California, I am carrying on the values we both share concerning the relationships that have been forged  over the last 40 years of business.

We always strive to treat our customers like family. We will never try to sell you a repair you don't need and help prioritize what you do need if it's not all in the budget. No one likes surprises when dealing with vehicle repair and we try to minimize that as much as possible.

Customers are holding on to their vehicles longer and following manufacture recommended maintenance has been a big reason why they're lasting so long. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - Ben Franklin.

Everyone should have someone they can trust. If you don't, we urge you to give us a try. I promise, you won't be disappointed!









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"Simple Maintenance Tip" 

GAS PRICES: We cannot afford to neglect even the simplest of maintenance items., "The Air Filter"

Changing your air filter will let your engine breath (just like restricting your air flow with a towel in front of your mouth. The dirtier, the harder for you to breath, same for your vehicle. You will expend more energy, become less efficient. USE MORE FUEL!  Make an appointment today to change your air filter. Your car will thank you, and so will your wallet.


As we continue on into autumn, I would like to offer you our heart felt thanks. Your support over the years has been greatly appreciated. Please take a look at our Specials page for discounts we'd like to extend to you, that will change Quarterly.

We get up every day with the goal of maintaining your trust and making each experience with you a great one. We aspire to be an exceptional organization by delivering exceptional customer service.

We have continued to invest in our future, purchasing state of the art equipment and cultivating a talented and dedicated staff. Your trust, loyalty, and continued patronage are deeply appreciated.

Thank you, from my family to yours,

Scott Bartlett